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New ERASS Platform Release

Network Media Services have announced the latest release of their market leading affiliate management systems for the iGaming, Forex Trading and Retail industries. The new updated version introduces some useful features and improvements to managing affiliate payments and reporting on affiliate activity. The system is a complete turnkey affiliate management solution, catered to the specific industry, with feature modules for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, automatic financial policy management, organising creative content and managing payment services.

“Yet again; Network Media Services are demonstrating their commitment to support users of their affiliate management software through the rollout of new features and improvements.”

Network Media Services have introduced the following new features in the latest version of their affiliate management software:

Payment Method Withdrawal Limits

Each payment method available to affiliates may now be configured with a maximum withdrawal limit. Any commission earned above the withdrawal limit will be retained in the affiliate account balance until the next payment window opens.

Payment Request Conditions

Affiliate program operators may now specify a minimum number of active customers and/or a minimum volume of customer deposits which must have been met during a configurable number of past payment periods before a new payment request can be generated by affiliates.

Payment Period by Affiliate

The system now allows for each affiliate account to be set to either Weekly or Monthly payment cycles independently of the main system settings. This offers added flexibility for affiliate platform operators when working with affiliates under bespoke terms.

New “Campaign” Reporting Filters

The “Campaign” report filer has been expanded to allow both Affiliates and Users to filter reports by all campaigns using a single commission type. For example, All CPA Campaigns. Custom Report Columns Layout

Column settings for each report can be access by clicking the ‘gear’ icon, where each column can be set to hidden/shown and the order of columns can be customized. Changes may be saved as default settings against individual User/Affiliate account preferences or as a system-wide setting.

Sub-Affiliate Coupon Codes

Affiliates may now use the Coupon creative for sub-affiliate campaigns, allowing for offline referral codes to be used to link sub-affiliate accounts to their parent account during the affiliate registration process. A new field has been added to the AFS signup form, where the sub-affiliate coupon code may be entered to facilitate the sub-affiliate association.

Regarding the new features, Ian Jewers, Network Media Services CEO said “Providing the extra tools for managing affiliate commission payments will allow our clients the flexibility to strike even more bespoke deals with affiliates. The additional reporting tools will, no doubt, be welcomed by both operators and affiliates as a useful means to produced detailed reports to support their marketing operations.”

About Network Media

Network Media supply turnkey affiliate tracking and management software to the iGaming and Forex trading industries. The software is both multi-language, multi-currency and fully responsive across all devices and platforms and is able to cater for small brand operators, large white label suppliers and affiliate networks with unique multi-brand configuration options.

Network Media Service’s powerful solution contains all of the required features and functions to manage a successful affiliate program straight away. Including features for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, organising creative content and managing payments.

The solution is scalable from a small start-up company to a large operation, processing multi-million financial and data transactions every day. Our content delivery network can easily track and process millions of requests every minute and our systems are delivered with full failsafe redundancy and backup for complete piece of mind.

Designed and developed by industry super affiliates, experienced system operators, advertising network specialists and award winning software system designers, our affiliate management platforms provide the new generation of affiliate business operators with a powerful feature rich business platform considered by many as the industry leading affiliate tracking and management platform.

Across our product portfolio we work in partnership with some of the worlds most respected organisations and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a free demonstration of our platforms, please feel free to contact us.

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